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Scottish Rite Valley of Raleigh , NC

We are located at 1520 Caswell St, near the intersection of Wade Ave & Glenwood Ave.

Our stated meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 7:30 PM. We have a meal before each meeting at 6:30 PM.  All Scottish Rite Brethren are invited to attend our meals and stated meetings.

2016 Fall Reunion

Class Photo
2016 Fall Reunion Graduating Class

Back Row(L-R): Craig Horton 32° KSSH (Class Director), Tom Fahnestock 32° KCCH (Class Director), Sam Vaughan 33° (Raleigh Valley Personal Representative), Larry Eason, Luigi Ammons 33° (Raleigh Valley Secretary)  :  Front Row(L-R): James Fletcher, John Watkins, David Turlington, Denis Johnson

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